how to get a minimal and aesthetic room

Having a clean and organised living space is essential. Personally, my mood depends on my surroundings. If the room I'm in is cluttered and messy it stresses me out; perhaps more than it should, but all the more reason to remove said mess. Cleaning out all the junk in your living space not only looks better, it lifts an enornous weight off your shoulders. Thats why I gathered 5 tips to keep in mind next time you want to redecorate or that you can start implementing right now:


#1 - Stick to a color scheme. This is one of the more difficult ideas, but also the one with the most benefit. Having a color scheme in your home or just a room, will give it a coheisive and intentional look. Everything will look like it was put there for a reason. I chose a color scheme of about 4-5 colors for my room. I use to monochrome tones, mostly black, dark grey and white, and then I have details in copper and dusty rose (a blanket, a lamp, etc). It looks clean without feeling to clinical.

#2 - Choose a style. Another extremely important part of having a coheisive look is choosing a style. Everyone's style is different, and of course you should choose one that matches your aesthetic. That could be anything from bohemian to punk rock. My style is a mix of mininal and vintage. I limit the amount of clothes, books and knick-knacks on display to the bare minimum and instead let one-of-a-kind vintage items take up the space on my shelves. Well, not all of them are actually vintage. my record player for instance is from Urban Outfitters, but it still adds atmosphere; just like my Instax pictures on the wall. 


#3 - Keep it simple. This is mainly in regards to textures and patterns in your living space. The more different types of textures and patterns you have, the more confusing and busy your space will look. Try to limit yourself to objects with solid colors. If you for example have copper in your color scheme, let all copper elements have the same tone and texture. Of course there are limits to what is possible, but try to the extent that you feel is possible. 

#4 - Display your favorite pieces. Displaying cool and different objects with your aesthetic in mind can be a great way to add personality and interest to your room. Try to experiment with which items look good - you may find some unconventional and fun options! Don't be afraid to place your nicest pair of shoes or empty box on the top shelf. Some of my displayed items include: An antique trumpet, a magazine, my Instax instant cameras, perfume bottles, bags from  high-end brands and other items. 


#5 - Lots of air. Don't be afraid of empty space! I cannot stress this enough. Empty space and white walls are not something that must be eliminated. Having just one item on a shelf is one of my favorite ways to display and store my favorite pieces. This way you give your favorite items the attention they deserve AND lots of light can emerge. This is another way to make your shelves and surfaces look intentionally decorated and clean. 


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. I made a video on my Youtube channel concerning the same topic if you want to check that out:

- Amanda